Recipe Challenges

Every month, I take part in several blog challenges.  Here is a list of each month’s theme or special ingredient (depending on the nature of the challenge) and my entry, which I suppose makes it an archive of my entries really.  I’ll try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible, but I’m not making any promises!


#2 M: Mango & chocolate muffins
#3 BBoterkoek
#4 H
: Pear & apple hazelnut crumbles
#5 V: Angostura venison cobbler
 #6 W: Kir macarons
#7 T: Tamarillo & walnut cake
#8 P: Golden kiwifruit pavlova
#9 N: Egg-free Nutella fudge brownies
#10 J: PB&J slices
#12 D: Date, coffee & walnut cake
#13 E: Earl Grey & lemon melting moments
#14 I: Irish Coffee & walnut brownies
#16 K: Kumara, cardamom & chocolate cake
#17 R: Spiced banana & rum loaf
#18 F: Apple flamusse

    Baking with Spirit    

#1 Rum: Banana, hazelnut & spice rum upside-down cake and Mojito macarons
#2 Beer: Guinness gingerbread cupcakes
#3 Gin: Leiter Fluid macarons and White chocolate sloe gin cupcakes
#5 Champagne: Kir Royale-poached summer berries
#9 Limoncello: Limoncello cupcakes (made with homemade limoncello)
#11 Midori:

    Breakfast Club    

#8 To Go: Banana, date & pecan loaflets
#9 Whole grains: Heather honey & whisky porridge
#10 Pancakes: Fig, orange & honey pancakes
#11 Savoury vegetarian: Goat’s cheese & rosemary muffins
#12 Berries: Berry crumble bars
#13 CerealBanana, raisin & chocolate Crispy Minis crumble muffins
#16 Stars & Stripes: Pumpkin & cream cheese muffins
#17 Bread: Stollen
 #18 January detox: Banana & hazelnut porridge
 #20 Deliciously dairy-free: Mango banana bread
#21 Sweet treats & pastries: Cinnamon & raisin pinwheels

    Mac Attack    

#15 MacInspirational: “Auld Alliance” cranachan
#17 Sugar & spice & everything… Fruity
: Blood orange & five-spice macarons
#18 Decadently chocolate: Quadruple chocolate macarons
#19 Ball park snacks: Cucumber sandwich macarons
#20 Fruit: Cherry Margarita macarons
#21 Ice-cream dreams: Lemon granita with a chocolate macaron crumble
#22 Kick it up with alcohol: White Russian macarons
#24 Pinktober (Breast Cancer Awareness): Rose Martini macarons

    Made with Love Mondays    

Banana, hazelnut & spiced rum upside-down cake
Warm cauliflower, feta & almond salad
Creamy mushroom orzo
Lemon curd
Banana & walnut muffins

    Random Recipes    

#2 18th book: Roasted tomato & red onion salad
#3 1st ever book: Red onion & anchovy pasta
#4 Just desserts: Chartreuse soufflé
#5 Newest gifted book: Black olive & sun-dried tomato mini loaves
#6 Favourite book: Baked beef-stuffed tomatoes
#7 Back to basics: Fig & almond muffins
#8 Magazines: Three-cheese summer vegetable bake
#9 Paired upChocolate & whisky charlotte
#10 No Croutons Required
: Celeriac soup
#12 New year, new book: Goat’s cheese, walnut & rosemary mini-croissants
#14 Lucky number 17: Poached stone fruit with a honey, cinnamon & whisky syrup
#15 If I knew you were coming…: Cinnamon & raisin pinwheels
#16 First & last: Mint & ginger mini palmiers
#17 In the middle
: Greek yoghurt & honey cake
#18 Something a little different: A quick look at my bookshelf
#19 Let’s start at the very beginning: Banana express mousse
#20 Tea time treats: Blueberry polenta upside-down cake
#21 Store cupboard finds: Juniper berry salmon with orange couscous
#22 Random birthday number: Keftas with raisin & almond couscous
#28 Bread: Mango & chocolate fail bread
#29 Healthy & happy: Parsnip & ginger soup
#30 The big three-oh:

    Simple and in Season    

May 2011: White chocolate strawberry-surprise muffins
June 2011: Strawberry & Pimm’s jam
July 2011: Aubergine & lamb gratin
August 2011: Summer fruits crumble
September/October 2011Three-cheese summer vegetable bake
October/November 2011: Pumpkin & cream cheese muffins
March 2012: Mango & chocolate muffins and Poached stone fruit with a honey, cinnamon & whisky syrup
April 2012: Fig, goat’s cheese & chocolate tartlets
May 2012: Feijoa & hazelnut muffins
June 2012: Pumpkin, caramelised onion, black olive & feta tart
July 2012: Sweet potato & pear soup
August 2012: Tamarillo & walnut cake
September 2012: Golden kiwifruit pavlova
November 2012: Rhubarb cake and Keftas with raisin & almond couscous
December 2012/January 2013: Kir Royale-poached summer berries

    We Should Cocoa    

#6 Tea: Chilli chai chocolate cupcakes
#7 Lime: White chocolate & lime cheesecake
#8 Marzipan: Easter chocolate & marzipan biscuits
#9 Roulade/Swiss roll: Chocolate & rum-raisin roulade
#11 Apricot: Apricot, ginger & chocolate loaf
#13 Virtual party: Rose martini cupcakes
#14 Chilli: Aztec brownies
#15 Apple: Chocolate toffee apples
#17 Healthy: Honey, lemon & chocolate muffins
#19 Something Green: Mint chocolate chip muffins
#20 Cheese: Fig, goat’s cheese & chocolate tartlets
#21 Almond: Chocolate & almond crackle cookies
#22 Coffee: Coffee & walnut brownies
#23 Blackcurrant: Kir macarons
#24 Cherry: Chocolate, cherry & hazelnut cookies
#25 Cocktail-inspired: Mojito macarons
#26 Pumpkin: Aztec roasted pumpkin seeds
#29 Sugar-free: Peanut butter & cocoa nib cookies
#30 Ginger: Chocolate & ginger Chinese New Year macarons
#34 Mint: Crème de menthe & chocolate sandwich biscuits
#35 Ice-cream:


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