Drinks Recipes

Here are the few drinks recipes that I’ve posted so far and some that are currently in the works and will soon appear (assuming they work and I remember to take photos before drinking them!).  I’ve also included links to the recipes of cocktail-inspired cupcakes and macarons that I’ve baked.  I will try to keep this up-to-date, but I’m not making any promises…

Since I prefer metric measurements, most of my recipes are in metric, but if you want to convert them, the Gourmet Sleuth site is incredibly comprehensive, particularly for converting to and from American cups.

Homemade liqueurs

Blueberry gin
Chilli crème de cacao
Limoncello (coming eventually – every time I make it, it gets consumed before I take any photos, oops!)

Cocktail in a Cupcake

Rose Martini

Cocktail in a Macaron

Between the Sheets
Cherry Margarita
Gin & Tonic
Rose Martini
White Russian


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