Toothy’s Travels

Along with my enthusiasm for food and sharks (did you spot the minor clue in the title of this blog?), travel is another passion of mine.  Considering that we moved country roughly every four years and took every opportunity to visit each country that we lived in, I suppose it would be difficult for me not to love travelling and discovering new places.

So although Sharky Oven Gloves is primarily focussed on food, I’ve decided to throw in a little sideline feature about travel, called Toothy’s Travels (Toothy being my trusty oven glove).  In a nutshell, this is effectively just an excuse for me to share my love of travel by writing about places that I visit (with or without Toothy in tow) and really enjoy.  By “places” I mean monuments and landmarks, not whole towns or cities, because I ramble far too much to be able to distil an entire city into one blog post without you falling asleep and getting bored after the first paragraph.

New Zealand

Settling in

All Blacks at Eden Park
Anzac Day at the Auckland Cenotaph
Auckland Zoo
Food Show Auckland 2012
St Patrick’s Day parade
Volvo Ocean Race: Auckland stopover

Scotland, UK

Dumfries House

Craigmillar Castle (coming eventually)
Edinburgh Castle (coming eventually)
EIF Fireworks Concert (and a behind-the-scenes tour)
Foodies Festival Edinburgh 2011
Pentland Hills Regional Park

St Andrews
St Rule’s Tower


4 responses to “Toothy’s Travels

  1. Yes, yes, yes. I believe Toothy should travel to Paris to experience Sharkogastronomy!

    • Mel

      Yes! Toothy totally agrees and thinks that Sharkogastronomy sounds very exciting, assuming that it doesn’t involve eating Toothy. Incidentally, I also happen to think that a trip to Paris sounds like a fabulous idea…

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