World Domination vs. mini-croissants

For this month’s Random Recipe challenge, Dom banked on the high likelihood that food bloggers received at least one recipe book for Christmas.  The theme is “new year, new book“, which I think is pretty self explanatory – this month’s recipe had to be chosen from our newest book.  As correctly predicted by Dom, my newest recipe book was, indeed, a gift for Christmas.  It was a wonderful gift from my friend Emma, whom I went to visit in Paris to bring in the New Year.  It wasn’t just a recipe book, it was a recipe gift set.  Although I didn’t immediately realise that.  On opening the gift, my eyes were drawn to the shiny part and I thought she’d given me some sort of torture implement to help me on my way with my (not so) secret plan for World Domination.  I then saw the accompanying book entitled Mini-croissants pour l’apéritif, and realised that it wasn’t a torture implement at all but a mini-croissant cutter.  Uhm, hello amazing idea (the croissant cutter, not torture.  Obviously.).

The random number generator on my trusty calculator directed me to a recipe for goat’s cheese and rosemary mini-croissants.  How yummy do those sound?!  So with the deadline for the challenge rapidly approaching (not that it’s today or anything, ahem) I put my plans for World Domination on the back-burner (for now) and decided to give these mini-croissants a go.  I wasn’t dreading making them or anything, I just haven’t been organised enough.  Speaking of lack of organisation, I totally failed to take part in last month’s Random Recipe challenge.  And you know why?  Because we left for France a whole two days earlier than I was expecting, and when I realised this it was too late because the recipe required overnight soaking.  I will eventually make that recipe though.  I might need to work on my planning skills before World Domination becomes a reality.

In the meantime, I’m all about the mini-croissants.  They are so cute!!  And delicious!!  I clearly need to work on my croissant-rolling skills, but I’ll let myself off since these were my first try.  I didn’t make the puff pastry, so these were super-quick and easy to prepare.  Which is always a good thing.  The original recipe called for pine nuts rather than walnuts, but guess who forgot to check whether we had any pine nuts?  Ya, me.  How did you guess?  The walnuts worked perfectly with the goat’s cheese and rosemary though, so potential disaster was averted.  I wasn’t sure whether these would come out a bit dry, but they came out perfect.  If I didn’t have to share them with my mum, I could easily have inhaled the whole batch!

Goat’s cheese, walnut & rosemary mini-croissants

Makes 16-18 mini-croissants
Adapted from Mini-croissants pour l’apéritif

These are perfect to serve as little appetisers, or as a savoury snack, and are delicious whether served warm or cold.  Using shop-bought puff pastry is absolutely fine (I usually do), though do make sure that it’s good quality butter-based pastry (rather than margarine or something).  For the goat’s cheese, I used a soft and crumbly cheese, but I’m sure a grated hard goat’s cheese or even a creamy goat’s cheese would work, although the flavours and texture would change a little.


200g puff pastry
3 sprigs rosemary
80g fresh goat’s cheese
20g chopped walnuts
Freshly ground pepper, to taste
1 egg yolk


1.  Line a baking tray with baking paper.  Pre-heat the oven to 180°C.

2.  Roll out the pastry to about 3mm thickness.  Use the roller to cut out 18 little triangles.  If you don’t have a mini-croissant roller, use a knife to cut strips of pastry of about 8cm in width.  Then divide these strips into triangles (the base should be about 9.5 cm wide).

3.  Strip the rosemary leaves from the sprigs, chop and set aside.  In a small bowl, mix the goat’s cheese, chopped walnuts and some freshly ground black pepper (add to taste) together.  Deposit about ½ a teaspoon of the cheese mixture at the base of each triangle, and sprinkle with a small pinch of the chopped rosemary (there should still be some rosemary left over once all the triangles are done).

4.  Starting from the base of the triangle, roll the triangle up towards the tip to form a croissant, sealing them as best as possible (to prevent the filling from leaking out whist baking).  Place the mini-croissants on the baking tray.

5.  Brush the croissants with the egg yolk (add a couple of drops of water if the egg yolk is too thick) and sprinkle with the remaining chopped rosemary.  Bake for 20 mins, until golden.




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14 responses to “World Domination vs. mini-croissants

  1. belleaukitchen

    soooooo cute… and a little anal too… with your torture machine!… don’t worry about being late, I panicked and put up the round-up a day early!!… so I will add yours in now… they are lovely and having never made croissant before, mini or otherwise I am terribly impressed, thanks for taking part honey xx

    • Mel

      Aww thanks Dom – I thought I’d got completely confused with the dates! I enjoyed the challenge as always – these were definitely fun to make (a little too fun perhaps). And aren’t they just utterly adorable?! The torture machine croissant cutter definitely made them super easy to make.

  2. Oh how nice…that would work with rugelach, too!

    • Mel

      Thanks! I’ve never tried making rugelach, but I think you’re right – it does look like the cutter could also work really well to make tiny little ones.

  3. I’ve seen croissant cutters before but I’ve never been able to persuade myself to buy one. These look seriously yummy little treats.

    • Mel

      Thanks! I’d never seen croissant cutters before, but they seem to be one one of those gadgets that I’d never seriously consider buying for myself, but am (clearly) perfectly happy to receive one as a gift!

  4. What an exciting kitchen gadget! And what pretty mini croissants as a result!

  5. Lou

    Didn’t know such a thing existed! Steve would LOVE a croissant cutter. I love the different flavours. You could have mini croissants as your speciality (if you didn’t already have a great line in marine cakes!) x

    • Mel

      I didn’t know croissant cutters existed either until I received this one, haha! I’m now a big fan of the mini-croissants though, so I suspect they may feature on a fairly regular basis – I’ll have to see if I can tie them into a vague marine theme…

  6. Those look ridiculously tasty! Provided that you share, I don’t think anyone would mind your dominating the world.

  7. Croissants are not easy to make and I think you’ve done a remarkable job for your first attempt!

    • Mel

      Thank you! Although since I used ready-made puff pastry and a croissant cutter, I feel most of the difficult steps to making croissants were very much simplified!

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