Sunday Smiles

Every Sunday evening I publish Sunday Smiles, a (mostly) regular feature that highlights the things that I discovered, enjoyed, saw that were pretty and just generally made me smile throughout the week.  The point is to concentrate on happy, cheerful things, and there’s a little more detail about why in my initial post.

Do feel free to join in yourself, and use the Sunday Smiles logo as well.

Here is an archive of previous Sunday Smiles posts, which I’ll keep as up-to-date as possible (though I’m not making any promises):

7 April: It’s back!
28 January: Ukulele death metal. It’s a thing…
21 January: The Monday Elasmobranch Edition
13 January: Uhm… Can I distract you with some eagle rays?
6 January: A wee catch-up


9 December: Knackered by a volcano
2 December: Hurrah for Science!
25 November:  Skyfall. That is all. Well, ok, not quite… (but it rhymes)
18 November: (Don’t) stare into the sun
11 November: A surprise and a relief
4 November: “We might fail at science, but we’re pretty good at baking”
28 October: What day of the week is it?
21 October: Triathletes are bonkers
14 October: From highbrow to lowbrow
7 October: A truthful calendar & discovering an island
30 September: Marine biology geek-outs & knockwurst
23 September: A last Olympic huzzah!
16 September: Flowers, fossils & toast
9 September: And stuff like that
2 September: Spring is on its way!
26 August: From the edges of the solar system to Eden Park
19 August: Olympics withdrawal, laundry baskets & disproving evolution
12 August: More Olympics… and that’s about it
5 August: Flips, flops & snowdrops… Oh and the Olympics
29 July: A rather film-centric week
22 July: Introducing Sunday Smiles


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