Themed Features

Several of my recipes seem to have conveniently fallen together into a few different themed features, so I’ve grouped them here for you.  I’ll try and keep this list as up-to-date as possible, including some of the recipes that I’m currently working on and hope to share soon…  If you have any ideas that you think I should try, whether cocktail- or animal-related, do let me know!

I think I can safely say that the Cocktail in a Cupcake and Cocktail in a Macaron features are pretty self-explanatory.  Zoosday Tuesday, however, might not be as obvious.  Basically, if I’ve baked anything animal-themed (I’m a zoologist, so I do things like that…), I’ll post it on the first Tuesday of the month, which I’ve declared “Zoosday Tuesday” (because I’m cool like that).  This doesn’t happen every month though, because that would require far too much inspiration and organisation on my part!

Cocktail in a Cupcake

French Martini (in the works)
Gin & Tonic (in the works)
Rose Martini

Cocktail in a Macaron

Between the Sheets
Cherry Margarita
French Martini (in the works)
Gin & Tonic
Leiter Fluid (very much like a Negroni)
Rose Martini
White Russian

Zoosday Tuesday

Killer whale birthday cake
Ladybird icebox cookies
Lion icebox cookies
Meerkat birthday cake 
Pufferfish cake pops


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