Sweet Recipes

Here are a list of the sweet recipes that I’ve posted so far and some that are currently in the works and will soon appear (assuming they work!).  I will try to keep this up-to-date, but I’m not making any promises…

I’ve tried to categorise the recipes to make it easier for you, but of course there are always a few recipes that don’t quite fit into one category, or that fit into several.  I’ve also tried to remember to note where recipes are dairy-free, egg-free or gluten-free, although I may have missed one or two out.

Since I prefer metric measurements, most of my recipes are in metric, but if you want to convert them, the Gourmet Sleuth site is incredibly comprehensive, particularly for converting to and from American cups.


Almond, ginger & rum-raisin granola bars (egg-free; gluten-free)
Baked spiced pumpkin doughnut holes

Banana, date & pecan “loaflets” 
Banana & hazelnut porridge (egg-free; gluten-free)
Banana, raisin & chocolate Crispy Minis crumble muffins
Banana & walnut muffins (dairy-free without topping)
Berry crumble bars 
Cinnamon & raisin pinwheels
Fig, orange & honey pancakes 
Greek yoghurt & honey cake
Heather honey & whisky porridge (egg-free; gluten-free)
Honey, lemon & chocolate muffins 
Mango banana bread (vegan)
Mango & chocolate muffins
Pumpkin & cream cheese muffins 

Biscuits & Cookies

Berry crumble bars 
Boterkoek (can be made egg-free)
Chilli & chocolate icebox cookies 
Chocolate & almond crackle cookies
Chocolate & custard icebox cookies
Chocolate & marzipan biscuits 
Chocolate, cherry & hazelnut cookies
Chocolate rolled cookies with kirsch icing
Crème de menthe & chocolate sandwich biscuits (egg-free)
Earl Grey & lemon melting moments (egg-free)
Kumara & chocolate cookies (same as the sweet potato & chocolate cookies)
Langues de chat
Peanut butter chocolate-surprise cookies
Peanut butter & cocoa nib cookies
Pepernoten (egg-free)
Spiced maple biscuits (coming eventually)
Sweet potato & chocolate cookies (same as the kumara & chocolate cookies)
Walnut shortbread (egg-free)

Brownies & Blondies

Aztec brownies 
Coffee & walnut brownies
Cream cheese Kahlúa brownies
Irish Coffee & walnut brownies
Nutella fudge brownies (and there’s an egg-free version)
Peanut butter brownies 
Snickerdoodle blondies



Cakes & Tea Loaves

Amaretto & chocolate cake 
Apple & pecan streusel cake
Apricot, ginger & chocolate loaf 
Banana, date & pecan “loaflets”

Banana, hazelnut & spiced rum upside-down cake
Blueberry polenta upside-down cake (dairy-free)
Date, coffee & walnut cake
Double chocolate cake pops 
Greek yoghurt & honey cake
Kumara (sweet potato), cardamom & chocolate cake (gluten-free)
Mango banana bread (vegan)
Nashi pear & ginger upside-down cake
Rhubarb cake (egg-free)
Rich & decadent chocolate cake
Spiced banana & rum loaf
Spiced date cake (egg-free)
Tamarillo shortcake (coming soon)
Tamarillo & walnut cake
Upside-down pear & ginger cake


White chocolate & lime cheesecake (egg-free)


Chocolate toffee apples (egg-free; gluten-free)
Spiced apple cider caramels (coming eventually)

Crêpes & Pancakes

Basic crêpe recipe
Fig, orange & honey pancakes


Pear & apple hazelnut crumbles (egg-free)
Summer fruits crumble


Black Tie cupcakes
Blueberry & gin cupcakes 
Chilli chai & chocolate cupcakes 
Chocolate Guinness cupcakes
Guinness gingerbread cupcakes
Limoncello cupcakes
Mojito cupcakes 
Pimm’s cupcakes 
Rose Martini cupcakes
Spiced apple camomile & honey cupcakes
Spiced kumara (sweet potato) cupcakes
White chocolate & hazelnut naked cupcakes
White chocolate sloe gin cupcakes


Baked spiced doughnut holes

Ice-creams, Sorbets & Granitas

Gin & Tonic granita (dairy-free; egg-free; gluten-free)
Lemon granita (dairy-free; egg-free without the macaron topping; gluten-free)


Between the Sheets macarons (gluten-free)
Blood orange & five-spice macarons (gluten-free)
Cherry margarita macarons (gluten-free)
Chocolate & ginger macarons (gluten-free)
Coffee macarons (gluten-free; recipe is right at the end)
Coffee & cognac macarons (gluten-free)
Cucumber sandwich macarons (gluten-free)
Gin & Tonic macarons  (gluten-free)
Kir macarons (gluten-free)
Leiter Fluid macarons (gluten-free)
Lemon & basil macarons (gluten-free)
Lemon macarons (gluten-free)
Macarons tricolores (gluten-free)
Mojito macarons (gluten-free)
Quadruple chocolate macarons (gluten-free)
Rose Martini macarons (gluten-free)
White chocolate & Frangelico macarons (gluten-free)
White Russian macarons (gluten-free)


Apple & raisin buttermilk muffins
Baked spiced pumpkin doughnut holes
Banana & walnut muffins (dairy-free without topping)
Banana, peanut butter & chocolate muffins
Banana, raisin & chocolate Crispy Minis crumble muffins 
Feijoa & hazelnut muffins
Fig & almond muffins (egg-free)
Honey, lemon & chocolate muffins
Lemon & almond muffins
Mango & chocolate muffins 
Mint chocolate chip muffins
Peach, almond & ginger muffins (coming soon)
Pumpkin & cream cheese muffins
White chocolate strawberry-surprise muffins


Mint & ginger mini palmiers 


Cinnamon & raisin pinwheels 
Gin & Tonic scones (egg-free)


PB&J slices (egg-free)


Almond, ginger & rum-raisin granola bars (egg-free; gluten-free)
Aztec roasted pumpkin seeds

Tarts, Pies & Flans

Easy tarte/quiche pastry (egg-free)
Blueberry & almond tart 
Fig, goat’s cheese & chocolate tartlets
Galette des rois Franc-Comtoise (not restricted to the Epiphany)
Galette des rois with frangipane
Mince pies 
Plum & almond tart (egg-free)
Tarte au goumeau 


Marshmallow Rice Krispie treats (egg-free)

Other Desserts

“Auld Alliance” cranachan (gluten-free)
Banana express mousse (egg-free; gluten-free)
Chartreuse soufflé 
Chocolate & chestnut fondants
Chocolate & hazelnut mousse in chocolate cups (gluten-free)
Chocolate & rum-raisin roulade
Chocolate & whisky charlotte (gluten-free)
Golden kiwifruit pavlova (gluten-free)
Kir Royale-poached summer berries (dairy-free; egg-free; gluten-free)
Macaron-based chocolate délice with Griottines (gluten-free)
Poached stone fruit with a honey, cinnamon & whisky syrup (dairy-free; egg-free; gluten-free)

Sauces, Creams & Icings

Basic salted caramel sauce (egg-free; gluten-free)
Chocolate glaçage for cakes (gluten-freerecipe is right at the bottom, after the cake recipe)
Hazelnut caramel (coming eventually)
Liqueur-infused whipped cream (egg-free; gluten-free)

Jams, Marmalades & Curds

Blood orange curd 
Blueberry jam (dairy-free; egg-free; gluten-free)
Feijoa & ginger jam (coming eventually… once feijoas are back in season)
Lemon curd (gluten-free
Lime curd (gluten-free)
Strawberry & Pimm’s jam (dairy-free; egg-free; gluten-free
Tamarillo marmalade (coming soon)


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