The Olympics are over… now what? Banana mousse, that’s what.

So.  The Olympics are over and normal life has resumed.  Does anybody else feel like there’s a gaping hole in the shape of fiver inter-linked rings in their lives now?  At least it’s only for a couple of weeks until the Paralympics start (hurry up already!), but in the mean time, comfort food is clearly the order of the day.  What’s that?  The point of the games was to inspire everybody to go be sporty and all?  Well that’s all good, but people still have to eat, so comfort food wins out for today.  I’ve got the perfect comfort dessert for you – not only is it delicious, but it’s also exceptionally easy and quick to prepare…  Fast food with no McDonald’s in sight.

After last month’s excuse for a nosy snoop around other bloggers’ bookshelves, we’re going “back to the very beginning” for this month’s Random Recipes, meaning back to the original rules of randomly picking a book, then randomly picking a recipe from said book.  Simple.  I used the random number button on my calculator as usual, which directed me to book number five, which turned out to be Cuisine Express, a convenient choice since the recipes are all fairly quick to prepare, though a fair few of the shortcut ingredients aren’t very easy to find outside of France (and are usually expensive if you do), which isn’t ideal.  I needn’t have worried though, since the random number button directed me to page 146, giving me a choice of several different quick fruit mousse recipes.

As delicious and tempting as the raspberry or peach mousses sounded, it’s very much not raspberry nor peach season here, so I chose the banana express mousse.  It definitely lives up to its name as it only takes ten minutes to prepare, although it does require at least two hours of chilling in the fridge before serving.  But actually that’s great because it’s a dessert that can be prepared in advance or even the night before, which is always helpful.  The mousse itself is lovely and creamy and smooth, and the banana flavour comes through strongly, which is great.  I added some honey on a whim since I’ve got a bit of a sore throat so I’m adding honey to things left, right and centre at the moment and that was a delicious little added extra, as were the banana slices and toasted walnuts.  They’re all optional extras, but they can take this from an everyday dessert to one presentable enough to finish up a dinner party without much extra effort (always a bonus!).  Serving it in martini glasses or champagne coupes also automatically makes it look fancier.  Here’s to speedy comfort food!

Banana express mousse

Serves 4
Adapted from Cuisine Express

Although very quick to prepare, don’t forget to plan for the 2h of refrigeration.  The mousse can be refrigerated for longer, even overnight if necessary – the lemon juice keeps the banana from going all brown.  This can work as a fancy dessert served in martini glasses, champagne coupes or other fancy glassware, or an everyday dessert served in little ramekins or bowls.  The decorations on top are totally optional, but do add a little bit of pizzazz to the presentation.  Whilst brown sugar would go really well with the bananas, I decided to stick with white sugar as I’m not sure that using brown would result in the most presentable of colours.


5 bananas (includes 1 to serve which is optional)
1 lemon
40g caster sugar
200ml whipping cream
20g icing sugar
6 walnut halves (optional)
Honey, to serve (optional)


1.  Peel four of the bananas (keep the fifth one unpeeled until needed) and pop them in a blender along with the juice of the lemon and the caster sugar.  Whizz together until totally smooth.

2.  In a large bowl, whip the cream.  As it begins to firm up, add the icing sugar and continue whisking until firm.  Gently add the banana mixture to the whipped cream and carefully fold together.  Split equally between four martini glasses/champagne coupes/ramekins/bowls.  Refrigerate for at least 2h.

3.  Whilst the mousse is chilling, roughly chop the walnuts and toast in a frying pan over a low heat until fragrant.  Allow to cool and set aside until needed.

4.  To serve, peel and slice the last banana, lay three slices of banana in the middle of each individual mousse, and top with the toasted walnuts and a drizzle of honey.  Serve immediately.




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18 responses to “The Olympics are over… now what? Banana mousse, that’s what.

  1. oh my god this just looks sublime!… what a win!… I need this in my life NOW!!!!!… so easy, so pretty and so tasty… what a way to eat bananas… bet it would freeze and make an amazing ice cream too!… thanks so much for taking part this month… a really jammy pick… now back to the post-olympic blues…;0(

    • Mel

      Thanks Dom! It is indeed, utterly lovely, and super quick and easy to make – my favourite type of recipe! I think you’re right, it probably would make an excellent ice-cream. I’m not a huge ice-cream fan (shock horror, I know) so I hadn’t thought of that at all. I loved taking part as ever (how could I not, with such a recipe?!) and looking forward to next month’s challenge… Hopefully it will provide a solution to next month’s highly likely post-Paralympic blues…

  2. Fabulous photos by the way! You’re good at the food styling thing. Saw this today and thought of you… (

    • Mel

      Thanks! It’s funny because I always think that I struggle with food styling and seem to end up taking similar photos every time, so that’s reassuring to hear! 🙂

      Oh. My. Gosh. That laundry hamper is utterly fabulous!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with me!

  3. This does sound great – definitely best served in posh glasses. I hope the sore throat has gone away. I’m sorry you’re missing the Olympics – I know it’s not in the spirit of things but I’m glad it’s all over. I’ve really had more than enough sport.

    • Mel

      Thanks Phil, I agree that serving it in posh glasses is definitely best!
      I totally understand – I felt much the same about the recent big football tournament (was it the Euro cup?) which was the only thing talked about for several weeks. I must admit that I wasn’t particularly excited about London 2012 (in fact I was glad that I wouldn’t be in the UK!), but once it started, I unexpectedly got terribly enthusiastic about it – I don’t remember being so keen during any other summer Olympics. My enthusiasm was probably helped by the excellent procrastination opportunity… Ahem. I guess it’s also refreshing to focus on how good people are at what they do, rather than their private lives or how much they earn. The coverage here was also probably a little less relentless than it was for you guys.

  4. wow this looks amazing!!! I love baking with bananas and making banana desserts – this is a must try!! I was just dicussing with friends last night about the end of the Olympics – wish it could go on for much longer. Fortunately there is the Great British Bake Off to watch but it’s not quite the same.

    • Mel

      Thanks! It’s such a great dessert. And so easy to put together that I made some again last night! I definitely wish the Olympics lasted longer! Sadly the GBBO isn’t broadcast here, so I don’t even have that to fill the void. Luckily the Paralympics will be starting soon though!

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  6. This looks delicious! Out of curiosity was the blue background intentionally meant to look like a swimming pool or is that your inner need for things resembling the Olympics coming out?

    • Mel

      Thanks! It was totally unintentional, but now that you mention it, it does rather… Clearly my withdrawal symptoms are more obvious than I thought!

      • Hahaha, don’t worry, I found myself looking for obscure sports in the TV schedule the other day – I really have no interest in normal volleyball, but…

      • Mel

        Haha. Ya, I’m never normally interested in watching, say, gymnastics, but stick the Olympic rings all over the place and suddenly I get withdrawal symptoms when they’re not on TV anymore.

  7. Just popping over from Random Recipe Round up to say hello. Banana mousse! What!? I love bananas and I’ve never tried it as a mousse. Thank you for sharing I’ve bookmarked it. : )

  8. There’s a random number button on calculators? Who knew? And what’s it for, apart from random recipe generating?
    Lovely mousse – though I am so lazy I just whiz up frozen bananas in the processor for a more instant version. It’s delicious!

    • Mel

      Thanks! I would never have thought of doing that, sounds like a great idea, particularly if one is in a hurry.
      The random number function is on my fancy-pants graphic calculator (I did a lot of maths at school), but I don’t think that standard calculators tend to have one. It’s sometimes used in calculations to do with probability, and random numbers are also used in experiments and sampling to minimise bias. I use it most often for Random Recipe choosing though (priorities…).

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