Sunday Smiles: Hurrah for science!

Sunday SmilesIt’s December you guys, and you know what that means?  No more bah-humbug, it’s time to get excited about everything Christmas!  The facebook shark fin icon in my sidebar even has its Santa hat on (hey, don’t judge, that took me a long time to draw last year – graphic design is not my forte…).

So, on to this week’s Sunday Smiles:

  • You know what else December means?  It means the end of Movember, which is very popular here in NZ.  And the end of Movember means goodbye to those moustaches, many of which were just plain creepy.  Don’t get me wrong, Movember is a worthy cause, but I’d be significantly more enthusiastic if there had been more Poirot moustaches.  Because those are awesome.  Paedophile-esque moustaches, not so much.
  • You know what really warmed my heart this week?  Reading about the Sesame Collider, which is a science collaboration between several different countries in the Middle East, including …, Iran and Israel.  The project is providing opportunities for academics to work together, even though their respective countries have more or less vowed to obliterate each other.  Definitely a win for science.  And dare I say it, could it be a tiny, tiny, little glimmer of hope for the Middle East?
  • How amazing is this idea of filling balloons with coloured water and freezing them?  I wonder if you could make swirly patterns with the dyes – you’d probably have to flash freeze them in a -80°C for the water to freeze quicker than the dye evens out (if that makes sense).  Anybody ever tried flash freezing a water balloon?  You know what else would be fun?  Adding glitter.  (Image source)

Oh my gosh awesome!  Can we add glitter?!

  • I really enjoyed these photos of ballerinas in NYC – the incongruity of the ballerinas in their surroundings is what makes the photos really interesting.  That said, I think the last one (which is probably the least incongruous) is my favourite, because of its serenity.  Sidenote: I wish I had even half the grace of a ballerina.  Further sidenote: why is there a car parked on the pavement in the sixth photo?
  • So you’re probably all utterly sick of Gangnam Style, but I came across a Dutch version a couple of weeks ago, and since it’ll be Sinterklaas on Wednesday, I think it’s time to share it: Zwarte Pieten Stijl.  By the way, if you’re not familiar with the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas, I realise that this paragraph probably didn’t make much sense, and the video probably just came across as completely bizarre.  You can read a bit about about Sinterklaas here, if you’re interested.
  • And finally, now that it’s December, it looks like the Sky Tower is all excited about Christmas, too!  Yay!

Sky Tower all dressed up for Christmas!  (At least, I'm assuming that's why it's red and green…)

What made you smile this week?



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9 responses to “Sunday Smiles: Hurrah for science!

  1. I’ve been following the Ballerina Project for the past year or so – they’re amazing aren’t they? Beauty beauty beauty. 🙂

  2. I love the idea of doing ballon-baubles. Also, the Santa hat on your Facebook button is excellent, definitely given me a glimmer of Christmas spirit back after this afternoon’s shopping trip.

    • Mel

      They’d be amazing on an giant outdoor Christmas tree (but you’d have to live somewhere where it stays below freezing all of December). Haha, thanks. Who knew a shark fin wearing a Christmas hat could have such an effect?

  3. Colin

    Hey Mel!
    Meant to say, didn’t personally do ‘Movember’, but I used to sport a moose-tash in my younger days. People used to say it was very David Wilkie-esque (our greatest Olympic champion swimmer) but since I swim like a sack of potatoes, the similarity ended right there.
    ‘Twas however, never paedo-style (in my opinion). More, 70’s porn star. Once again, the similarity ended there, though I do have a string of ex-hotties, who I’m sure would beg to differ…ahem…


    • Mel

      Bahahaha. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what to reply to that Colin, except to say that I had to look David Wilkie up, and I can’t imagine that his moustache was terribly hydrodynamic. 😀

      • Colin

        Ah wee Melly-Mel. I totally understand and applaud your dignified “no comment” on my latter point. However, I will forgive a smidgen of prurient You Tube surfing on your part, in the off chance that you may catch a stunning (artistic) performance or two of mine. I’d start with ‘TacheTrix’…
        Finally, Mr Wilkie’s facial assist, never adversely affected his pool prowess. On further consideration however, it is just possible that his opponents were somewhat intimidated by an over the shoulder glance at a determined, advancing walrus. Hell, I might have been able to swim with that view, that is if I didn’t drown first, by ingesting copious amounts of water, whilst screaming like a big schoolgirl…

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