Sharky Oven Gloves turns two!

Guess what?  Guess what?  Today is Sharky Oven Gloves‘ second birthday (in case you haven’t read the title of the blog post…).  Exciting stuff!  And what the blog title doesn’t tell you is that this also happens to be my 200th blog post.  I can’t quite wrap my head around both of those facts.  Two years’ of blogging and 200 blog posts.  Goodness.  That’s a fair bit of procrastination…

A fair bit has happened since my first blog birthday , so here’s a little re-cap:

One tamarillo & walnut cake.

  • I managed to make some rather spiffing stollen, which I must admit is my only ever successful foray into baking with yeast, so I’m still pretty chuffed about that.

Drip drip drop, little caramel… uhm… drips.  Uhm, ya…

  • One of our technicians doesn’t eat egg, so I’ve ventured into occasional egg-free baking over the last few months, which is not something I’ve ever actively done before – most of the egg-free baking I’ve done before has been by accident more than an actual decision to make a recipe egg-free, so it’s been interesting.  Learning about the banana substitution trick certainly helped.
  • I won “best-tasting” in a baking competition with some “radioactive” lemon macarons (ok there wasn’t a great deal of competition, but still…), which was totally exciting.

The irony of a French person bringing in nuclear-themed baked goods to a baking competition in New Zealand is not lost on me.

  • Something I decided to try for my Kir macarons ended up sparking a minor obsession with swirly-shelled macarons, and I’ve since tried the effect out in my Mojito macarons, the non-radioactive version of my lemon macarons and my Leiter Fluid macarons.  So basically all of the macarons I’ve made since arriving in NZ.  Perhaps I should calm down on the swirly shells a little.  (But they’re so pretty…)

When you've run out of wine… fill the glass with macarons.  Sorted.

  • A few months ago I started my weekly Sunday Smiles feature, a weekly recap of things that have made me smile or laugh through the week.  It’s something a little different and all about focussing on the positive things in life.

Drinking gin out of an Edinburgh Gin glass is as close as I can get to real Edinburgh Gin here.  Sad times.

Now, today is also St Andrew’s Day, which I feel is largely eclipsed by Burns’ Night by Scots actually in Scotland, but celebrated by many Scots abroad (at least that’s the case based on my experience – it’s funny how as an expat you suddenly latch on to any excuse to celebrate your home country).  So to celebrate Sharky Oven Gloves‘ second birthday and 200th post and St Andrew’s Day, I decided that I’d post a Scottish recipe but with a Kiwi twist as a nod to my current home.  Hokey pokey is a crunchy butterscotch honeycomb type thing and very popular here apparently (especially in ice-cream it seems), so I thought it would be a fabulous idea to make hokey pokey shortbread.  Now, if I’d thought about it, I’d have realised that putting hokey pokey, which mostly consists of sugar and air, in the oven was not a good idea at all, but I went full steam ahead (I hope I get points for enthusiasm).  Result: the hokey pokey melted in the oven leaving unattractive cavities of caramelised sugar all over the shortbread.  Bugger.

Oh…  101 Dalmatians-themed shortbread anyone?  Ahem.

Of course, I could have just glossed over this particular experiment and pretended that it never happened, but you know, I figured I might as well give you a laugh.  And hey, sometimes I have kitchen failures.  Well ok, the shortbread wasn’t a total failure because it still tasted good, but it certainly wasn’t presentable…  Anyway, I even made a shark fin-shaped shortbread biscuit especially for the occasion, which sort of morphed out of shape a little – perhaps failed shark fins could be a theme for blog birthdays.

So I fed the failed shark fin shortbread to Toothy.  Obviously.

Anyway, giggle away at my recipe mishap, and here’s to another year of blogging, of both successes and failures (but mostly successes).

Enjoy the rest of your day, wherever you are in the world!


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16 responses to “Sharky Oven Gloves turns two!

  1. Hurrah! Loving the idea of accidental egg-free baking (is it when you just forget to put the eggs in?) lols 🙂

    • Mel

      Uhm… well… that’s been known to happen 😀 The results weren’t that great. Accidental egg-free baking also covers things like shortbread which are egg-free, but that I didn’t specifically choose to bake because of that, it’s more just a happy coincidence. If that makes sense. And usually they turn out rather tastier than forgetting to add the eggs…

  2. Lou

    Aww shame about the disaster! But a very happy birthday to you. 200 posts, eh? I’m sure that means some kind of hike in status doesn’t it? 🙂
    Loads of achievements over the year. I must admit the radioactive macarons are brilliant.

    • Mel

      Thank you Lou! Haha, possibly – I still can’t believe I’ve published 200 posts though, it seems such a huge amount. I loved the radioactive macarons, too – they were really fun to make!

  3. Happy blog birthday! I’m slightly in awe of your G&T scones, they sounds like a good Friday afternoon treat.

    • Mel

      Thank you! Awwww, thanks – they definitely would… Or any other day of the week. Or breakfast… Great start to the day and all that, haha.

  4. Happy blog birthday! Those biscuits still look really tasty – I love honeycomb stuff. Here’s to another year of blogging!

  5. underthebluegumtree

    Happy Birthday Sharky Oven Gloves! Blog years are like dog years I reckon. You may only be 2 but that’s like a gazillion in blogging terms. Many bloggers come and go but you have stuck with it. Congrats! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Here’s to another year.

    • Mel

      Thank you! You know, I think you’re onto something – blogging can be a pretty steep learning curve sometimes, so blogging years must count for more than human years! Glad that you enjoy reading 🙂

  6. chefy59

    Happy Blogday Miss Mel ! Here’s to many more of your excellent posts, you clever wee thang!!
    I couldn’t really find any properly decent music with a birthday theme, so instead, I thought something from Scotland to celebrate St Andrews Day and remind you of your time here.
    Aztec Camera were a truly wonderful 80s Scottish band and a formed a large part of my musical background. Their front man Roddy Frame, is for my money, a true musical genius. His solo albums have songs so beautiful, they can easily have me howling like a big wean (you remember the word ‘wean’?!?). He is a handsome bugger, has the voice of a God and plays guitar in the same vein…actually now that I think about it, I hate him. Anyway, this wee video should help you to see what I mean. Enjoy…

    • Mel

      Thank you Colin! I’d never heard of Aztec Camera before (great name though!), but I did enjoy this song – very easy to listen to. He really does have a wonderful voice. I do remember ‘wean’ although my family usually say ‘bairn.’ 🙂

  7. Happy blog birthday (a bit belated). I’m pouring a gin to celebrate.

  8. cécile

    Happy Birthday Sharky Oven Gloves !! Quel beau parcours… ^^ Mais il y a toujours de nouvelles gourmandises à partager… j’attends la suite : )
    (et je trépigne d’impatience de rentrer en France, de retrouver la cuisine de mes parents, et de pouvoir cuisiner, ENFIN !!)

    • Mel

      Merci beaucoup Cécile! Il y a toujours pleins de gourmandises et de nouvelles recettes à essayer – c’est bien ça la beauté de la cuisine… 🙂 Tu rentres en France pour Noël ou est-ce qu’il faut que tu attendes l’été? Je comprends bien le mal de ne pas pouvoir vraiment cuisiner… Ça ce peut que ça va m’arriver au mois de janvier/février – enfin on verra, il y aura plus de nouvelles à ce sujet là bientôt… (Watch this space!)

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