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Announcing an exciting new adventure…

I have some super-exciting news to share with you:  I’ll be starting a Masters in February!  I’m so excited!!!  This also means that I’ll be  moving out (finally!), which, as much as I love my mum, I cannot wait to do, because I really miss my independence…  I was actually given an offer back in October, but I had to sort out a supervisor, and have modules approved before I could pay my fees, as well as various other administrative faff, and I wanted everything to be finalised before I announced it, just in case I jinxed it and it all fell through or something (very scientific approach that, ahem).  But my visa arrived on Friday, which means that it is actually happening and that I can finally announce it!  Wait!  Visa?  What?  Ya, that’s right, I had to apply for a visa (which is why it took so long to be finalised) because I’m not only moving out, but moving country.  Moving hemisphere.  Moving to New Zealand!!!  I told you it was super-exciting news!

For those of you who are interested, I’ll be doing a MSc in Marine Science until December.  It’s all research-based, but I don’t know exactly what my research topic will be until I’ve met and discussed it properly with my supervisor (he seems really relaxed about it, which is good… I think!), but it should definitely be something to do with elasmobranchs (sharks and rays), which I’m obviously super excited about!

Of course, although I’m going to study, I’m a bit obsessed with food, so I’ve been reading various guidebooks and NZ-based blogs, all of which seem to agree that there is an excellent food scene.  So that’s all good, and has definitely increased my eagerness for this next adventure (if that’s possible).  Toothy has been helping me read the guidebooks, obviously, though he’s mostly been eyeing up the sea lion pictures:

Since I move in less than three weeks (!!), I’ve been quite busy procrastinating packing, so things have been rather quiet on Sharky Oven Gloves, and they will probably continue to be so, but now you know why…

Wherever you are in the world, enjoy the rest of your day!

PS – Apologies for the over-use of the word excited and the over-abundance of exclamation marks – I have a lot of enthusiasm to share!



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