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Sunday Smiles: Flowers, fossils & toast

It’s been a bit of a dull week.  A plodding week, to be honest – not a great deal happened, with the exception of my birthday, and then I was really ill with a tummy bug this weekend that came out of nowhere.  So all in all, fairly uneventful.

Here are my (rather brief) Sunday Smiles for this week:

  • The Paralympics ended last Sunday.  I actually thought that we had a whole other week of them and they were ending today, but nope.  Gutted.  I loved the Closing Ceremony though – and dare I say it, enjoyed it rather better than that of the Olympics.  I mean sure, it was basically a Coldplay concert, but since I happen to quite like Coldplay, that was fine by me.  And there was a lot of fire, which is obviously awesome.  If you missed it, you can watch it here.  I’m rather upset that all this procrastination potential sport is over though.  And we’ve four years to wait for Rio…
  • There are some lovely tulips right by my uni building that I get to see every day.  I love tulips, they’re so bright and colourful.  I really hope that spring hurries up now.

  • Somebody searched “no talking to me until I’ve had my coffee” and landed on my blog.  I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know whether you found what you were looking for (probably not), but I know how you feel.  Thank you for that moment of amusement.
  • Did you know that Google makes you a special birthday Google Doodle if it knows it’s your birthday?  Slightly freaky (Google is watching you…) but kind of amazing, too.  And I’d rather they made me personal Doodles than sell my information.

  • I saw this interesting little news piece about fossils in London, specifically the stones and marble slabs of London.  It’s something I’d never really thought about, and the next time I see some marble I might have a closer look.
  • And finally, something a little silly.  I came across this little toaster USB hub, complete with toast-shaped USB keys.  I admit that it’s totally impractical – I’d lose the USB keys within about ten seconds since they don’t seem to attach to anything (like a keyring).  But adorable nonetheless.  (Image source)

  • Ok, that wasn’t quite the end – let’s finish off with some more pretty spring-like flowers.  I really can’t wait for this winter to be over.

What made you smile this week?


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