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Six things to do with… Empty Champagne Bottles

My friends and I get through a fair amount of champagne (not conforming to the St Andrews’ student stereotype at all), mostly because I happen to know the manager of the local bottle shop fairly well, and he happens to know that I have a serious penchant for champagne…  It works out quite well for us!

But once all the champagne has been enjoyed…  What to do with the empty bottles?  (All of these ideas work equally well with normal wine bottles by the way!)

1. Water pitcher – Get some decorative bottle-stops, and use the bottles instead of water pitchers to put on the table for dinner parties.

2. Gifts – Decant some home-made drink (such as home-made limoncello) into the bottles, re-label them, top it off with a pretty bottle-stopper, tie some ribbon around the neck if you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic, and give it as a gift.

3. Candle holders – Get some of those tall, tapered candles, and voilà, amazing dinner table centre-pieces.

4. Vases – Use a few stems of real or fake flowers.  You might have to put a bit of sand in the bottom, just to stabilise the bottle.

5. Door-stop­ – Fill the bottle with sand and re-cork it, and use it (or several) to prop a door open.  Obviously this won’t work if the door is ridiculously heavy or if the floor is really slippery.  I should add that I’ve never actually tried this, but I think it could work…  Maybe…

6. Christmas tree – Thread fairy lights through the tops of the bottles, pile them up (you’ll need to make cardboard circles to rest the various tiers on) and stick a star in the top one and you’ve got a fabulously decadent Christmas tree, with the added bonus of not having needles everywhere and not having to deal with a dead tree in January.  I’m planning on leaving mine up all year round, and just changing the star to a cardboard shark fin when it’s not Christmas anymore.

Champagne Christmas tree

Amazing?  I think so!  Merry Christmas!!!


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