Sunday Smiles: Olympics withdrawal, laundry baskets and conclusively disproving the theory of evolution

I’ve already mentioned the post-Olympic void in my life.  In fact I’ve had several search results this week for “the Olympics are over, now what,” so I’m clearly not alone.  At least the Paralympics are coming up soon (hurry up already!).  You might expect the Olympics Closing Ceremony to feature as one of my Sunday Smiles but if I’m honest I spent most of it somewhat bewildered and wondering what on Earth was going on (goodness knows what the rest of the world was thinking).  Plus, it was the end of the Olympic Games.

So my Sunday Smiles this week, which contains a couple of Olympics withdrawal cures, are:

  • First up, Dan Chung from the Guardian covered the Olympics solely using an iPhone (and a couple of extra lenses), which might not sound too promising, but he had to be pretty inventive for some of his shots and they’re actually rather impressive.  I wish my iPhone photography skills were half as good.  Seriously.  Please refer to Instagram if you’d like proof.
  • Somebody set up a tumblr (a tumblr?  Is that correct?) called Mo Farah Running Away From Things, which is exactly what it says.  My favourites are him running away from the Black Riders, the one below, and him running away from dinosaurs, because, you know, dinosaurs (= awesome!).  Although don’t tell the Creationists, or it’ll probably end up in a textbook since Photoshop this photo shows that dinosaurs and humans are both clearly alive at the same time and is thus conclusive proof that contradicts the theory of evolution.*  (Photo source)

  • In non-Olympics news, the lovely Camilla from Little Macaroon sent me a link to a shark-shaped laundry basket.  Most fabulous laundry basket ever?  Yes!  My birthday isn’t too far off, so uhm, anybody wanting to get me a present…  Ahem.  *Cough*  In the meantime, I wonder how difficult it is to sew large pieces of felt together…  (Photo source)

  • One of my labmates told me about Western Springs Park so I decided to investigate on Saturday afternoon since it was sunny and fairly warm.  There’s a lake in the middle that you can walk around, with plenty of ducks, black swans (there were even a few cygnets!) and other water birds.  But the most amazing thing is that the lake is full of longfin eels (Anguilla dieffenbachii), NZ’s only endemic eel species.  There’s a bridge which they seem to cluster around and the water was teeming with them.  It was so cool to see!

  • The Sky Tower was all multicoloured this weekend to celebrate its 15th birthday.  The colours kept changing and it was a little bit mesmerising to watch.

  • And finally, something that I’m looking forward to next week: one of my friends from St Andrews is in Auckland this weekend and we’re going to the All Blacks vs. Australia match!  SO excited!!!

What made you smile this week?

*The fact that there are kids being taught through a legitimately recognised school system that A) the existence of the Loch Ness Monster has been conclusively proven and that B) this means that the theory of evolution is balderdash utterly terrifies me, so I have to make a joke out of it to cope.  As for the line about Apartheid, words actually fail me.


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5 responses to “Sunday Smiles: Olympics withdrawal, laundry baskets and conclusively disproving the theory of evolution

  1. strongassoup

    I love those Mo Farah pics – thanks for pointing me at those.
    It probably shouldn’t make me smile but I loved the stories in the French press after the Olympics finished. It may just possibly be related to the fact that Paris didn’t win the 2012 bid but apparently Team GB only did well because of the bias of the judges. As the fox might say ‘les raisins sont trop verts!’
    It could also be because Dave Brailsford, performance director for the Team GB cycling team, got fed up with L’Equipe asking him about the secret behind Team GB’s success and told them it was because team GB used round wheels. L’Equipe believed him and ran the story. I was told this week that the wheels on the GB bikes are made in France.

    • Mel

      You’re welcome – they’ve been keeping me amused for several days now.
      Haha, sounds very French. I haven’t been following the French press too much, but I’m not surprised. Probably doesn’t help that France didn’t do too well – shame there’s no recognition for 4th place finishes, I think France might have the most. I did hear echoes about the round wheels thing, which made me laugh. You couldn’t make it up.

  2. Mo Farah running away from things is one of the best Tumblrs I’ve ever seen – it’s certainly been helping me deal with my Olympics withdrawal. And I am in awe of the reporter’s iphone skills! Clearly I need to improve my phone-photo taking abilities!

    • Mel

      Haha, it’s great for that, isn’t it? There was a great one today of him doing his M gesture outside a BK. Genius. I know, me too!! Most of my photos look fine on my phone and then I look at them on my laptop… He had an add-on lens for some of them, but still so impressive!

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