Resolution #1: Success!

I have some exciting news: FoodGawker have finally accepted one of my photos!!  I submitted one of the chocolate and hazelnut mousse ones, and it was published yesterday.  This makes me incredibly happy and it’s quite possibly the highlight of my week!  I think a celebratory batch of brownies are definitely on the cards for tomorrow.  Perhaps followed by a long swim to counteract the brownies, ha ha…

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that one of the resolutions or challenges that I set myself for 2011 was to have a photo accepted by each of the main “food porn” sites (FoodGawker, TasteSpotting, Photograzing, DessertStalking and DishFolio, which I discovered last month and they’ve already accepted some of my photos).  DessertStalking and Photograzing have accepted quite a lot of my photos, and TasteSpotting finally accepted a photo back in March (though they’ve rejected every single one since then, ha ha), so FoodGawker was the last site to elude me.  But I’ve finally cracked it, so now I’ve successfully completed the challenge.  Hurrah!

So go on, let’s have a look at the “winning” photo:

Interestingly, TasteSpotting rejected the very same photo for “lighting/colour.”  But, aside from the fact that I personally think it’s a rather good photo (not biased at all, obviously) I’m not too annoyed about that – I’m fully aware how subjective the whole process is.  I suppose the challenge now is to get the same photo accepted by all the sites.  But there’s no rush.  I’m currently happy with having had at least one photo accepted on each site, and trying to improve my photos so that more get approved.

Right, time to dig out that brownie recipe I’ve been wanting to try…  Wherever you are in the world, enjoy the rest of your day!



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5 responses to “Resolution #1: Success!

  1. Well done!

    On all theose sites the photos seem to to be published in batches of very similar styles, showing that it is very subjective. A rejection one day could easily be accepted the next.

    Have you seen Tastestopping? It takes the rejects!

    • Mel

      Thank you! I’m definitely aware of the subjectivity of the whole process, I think that makes me feel like it’s even more of a challenge to get a photo accepted, and gives me that much more of a small sense of achievement that I finally have…!
      I actually came across TasteStopping by accident a wee while ago, but thanks for the pointer though – much appreciated!

  2. Congratulations! (a few days late perhaps, but I hope you’ll forgive me given the circumstances) That’s great news! And about time they accepted a photo, it certainly has taken them long enough.

  3. Emma

    Well done! I’ve made it (less publicly) my goal to get onto those sites too and without any success so far and have temporarily given up because I was finding it dispiriting to keep getting rejected – so kudos to you for persevering, the cakes look yummy!

    • Mel

      Don’t let it get you down (easy to say, I know!), and do keep trying! Even though it is totally frustrating and dispiriting, I’m sure you’ll get there eventually (I somehow did!). Do let me know how you get on…

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