Resolution #1: Some progress!

I’ve always loved looking at photos of food.  I have a distinct preference for recipe books that have photos in them – not only will a mouth-watering photo make me want to cook the recipe that much more, but it helps to gauge if whatever I’m cooking looks vaguely like it’s supposed to.  I came across the world of “food porn” back in December, and promptly decided that I would start submitting my food photos to the several sites (FoodGawker, TasteSpotting, Photograzing and DessertStalking).  I also decided to make it one of my resolutions (or challenges) for 2011 to have a photo accepted on each of those four sites (not necessarily the same photo – let’s not get ahead of ourselves here).

So far, most of the photos I’ve submitted have only been accepted by Photograzing and DessertStalking.  FoodGawker seems to have issues with the lighting in my photos and is very adamant that my photos are “unsharp” and TasteSpotting appears to have serious issues with the composition of my photos (I think about 90% have been rejected for “composition”).  It’s so subjective that it’s a bit frustrating after a while, particularly when I think I’ve got a brilliant photo, but nobody else appears to agree.  Take the following crêpe photo – I personally thought it was great and I really thought that it would be the one to crack the two elusive sites.  It wasn’t.  FoodGawker thought it had “low lighting and/or was underexposed,” and TasteSpotting deemed it “not sharp” (not bitter about it, nope, not at all).

However much I may disagree, there’s not much to be done except to try and take a better photo for the next post, submit that, and wait and see whether it gets accepted or rejected (whilst expecting rejection)…  I posted yesterday about blood orange curd, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t really think the following photo of the curd was all that great.  In fact, I wasn’t even going to submit it, but I thought well, the worst that can happen is another rejection, so I might as well.  (I also may have been looking for some procrastination, but shhh!)

Well thank goodness I did!  Because TasteSpotting accepted it!  (Incidentally, guess what?  The very same photo was rejected by FoodGawker for “Photo/food composition.”  Go figure!)  I nearly died of shock (ok, not really).  I nearly died of shock a second time (again, not really, but close) when I saw that 107 people clicked through from TasteSpotting yesterday after seeing the photo, and so far today, 141 people have clicked through.  My blog usually gets about 30 views a day, so, uhm, WOW – this is kind of extraordinary!  And hello to all you lovely new people!

So I just felt the need to share this small personal victory with you…  I now just have FoodGawker left to crack in order to fulfill my resolution.  And I will.  Eventually.  But I will!  Anyhow, time to head to the pub to watch the last 6 Nations match of the year, France v Wales (Allez les Bleus!), so I just have one last photo to share with you:

Bring it on, FoodGawker.


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