Alcoholic whipped cream?! Yes please!

Whipped cream – such a wonderful accompaniment to cakes and many desserts, so simple to create, and so good!  The beauty of whipped cream is in its utter simplicity – that’s what makes it go so well with so many things.  Now whipped cream is amazing in itself, no need to change it, right?  Well, I thought so too, until I tried infusing it with liqueur (you know you’re an alcoholic when…).  Oh yes, that’s right, alcoholic whipped cream.  And there are so many spirits and liqueurs out there that suddenly you’re presented with infinite possibilities…  And you can subtly match your whipped cream to a particular dessert.

Other than not having the ingredients, there is never a valid excuse not to have home-made whipped cream if it goes with a particular dessert.  Don’t ever serve me whipped cream from a can – I’m a whipped cream snob, and I will judge you.  No electric whisk?  Just whip it by hand.  Sure, it takes a little longer but it’s really not that difficult.  Take it from me – I once hand-whisked enough single cream for 12 people, just to prove a point.

Liqueur-infused whipped cream

Inspired by Texts From Last Night (ya, I know – not your standard recipe source)

To be honest, this isn’t really a proper recipe – it’s very much a-bit-of-this, a-bit-of-that – but I just thought I’d put down the basic premise.


Double cream
Icing sugar
Several glugs (a well-known scientific unit of measurement) of a liqueur or spirit of your choice


1.  Pour the double cream into a bowl, add some icing sugar and several glugs of whichever liqueur or spirit you’ve chosen.

2.  Using the electric whisk (or standard muscle power if you don’t have one), whisk them together to form medium peaks.  Taste and add more liqueur or icing sugar as necessary.

Enjoy!  (Ahem, in moderation of course…)


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