Resolution #2: To (successfully) attempt macarons

Macarons – mmmm…  I adore them – they’re so pretty, so dainty and the combinations of colours and tastes are endless.  I’m actually quite glad that I don’t live anywhere near a macaron-selling pâtisserie, because otherwise I would probably A) bankrupt myself and B) double in size.  So ya, probably a good thing!

How tempting do these Ladurée macarons look?  Don’t try to tell me that you don’t want to eat one (*cough* all) of them…  Here’s another picture (click through for the original source) just to prove my point:

Ok, I think we’ve established that I love macarons, and that I don’t really have access to them in St Andrews.  The obvious solution is to make them myself.  I was actually going to try doing so over the summer, but then never really quite got around to it.  Consequently, I’ve decided that successfully attempting macarons will be one of my resolutions (perhaps challenges might be a better word) for 2011…  Wish me luck – I’ll keep you updated!


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